Seated At A Four Person Table On Valentine’s Day

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Gabby abandoned me for Valentine’s Day this year to go on a long weekend vacation to Palm Beach last week, so we celebrated our own Valentine’s Day last night. Because I’m a cheapskate at heart, I chose to make reservations at Kingston Station near Downtown Crossing because I came across a coupon for a free dessert there. It was not a horrible experience, although I’m not sure if it was up to par for a Valentine’s Day place.


The atmosphere was loud. The dining area is relatively large and open, which I think contributed to the echoing of all the voices. They played good music, including Beyonce and The Cure, but it was hard to hear half the time over the loud voices around us. A fellow patron at the table directly behind me was extremely unhappy with his job and Gabby and I got to hear all about it. We also noticed that even though there were plenty of two person tables open when we arrived at 6:30, we were seated at the only four person table in our particular area. As more couples started to arrive, we couldn’t help but notice that the three or four two person tables that were open when we arrived were ultimately given to straight couples. This doesn’t happen to us often, but when it does, it irks me. We are two people having dinner together; why couldn’t we be seated at a table made for two?


Our waitress was extremely quiet. She crept up on me quite a few times, to ask how the food was or if we needed anything else, but she spoke so softly that I had to guess what she was asking. She was very sweet though, and brought us everything in a timely manner which was great.


The food was good! There weren’t a lot of options to choose from on the menu — only four or five dishes for each section — but we liked what we had. I ordered the steak frites which was delicious. The fries were excellent and the garlic butter on the side was perfect for dipping steak or fries. Gabby ordered the Station Burger which came with bacon, cheese, and a sunny side up egg on top. It was huge, as you can see in the picture, and she struggled to wrap her mouth around it! But both entrees were very good, even though they mixed up our meat cooking preferences. Gabby ordered her burger medium rare and I ordered my steak cooked medium, but when the dishes came, Gabby’s burger was medium and my steak was much too rare. We ate them both anyway and were satisfied enough. Definitely disappointed that our orders weren’t perfect though.

The free dessert we had was absolutely perfect. We decided to move away from our traditional tendency to lean toward chocolate desserts and opted for the apple pie rolls. They were little slices of apple pie, encased in a crunchy outer shell, and served with vanilla ice cream smothered in caramel sauce and powdered sugar. Gabby described them as apple pie spring rolls, which is kind of what they were in texture. But the taste was all-American apple pie and we were very happy with them.


We ordered a bottle of California cabernet wine to go with our dinner and it was fine. Nothing special, but we were going for cheap and easy last night. The cocktail menu was interesting though; some highlights included the cappuccino martini and the Fidel Castro rum drink. the drinks menu also had a list of absinthe shots which we thought about trying. Maybe we’ll go back just for drinks and give some of them a shot (puns!)


Between the steak, burger, and bottle of wine, the total price before tip was only a little over $80 which isn’t bad for a regular date night. We’d classify this as a Classy Date Night place; somewhere to go on any Friday night. As for a special occasion restaurant, I definitely could have chosen better.

Overall Rating

We’d give this place a 7 out of 10. The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really what we ordered, the menu was a little lacking, and they seemed to not like that we were a lesbian couple out on a date. I am willing to give it another chance sometime in the future for drinks, though. I think if tried the cocktails at the bar, we would be less disappointed with the experience.


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