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This week, Gabby and I had a lot of midterm projects and meetings and extra work shifts so we wanted to give ourselves a much deserved night off at a fancy new restaurant. Gabby did a little research and found a new seafood place right around the corner from our campus called Ostra. We almost never go to places that serve strictly seafood so we thought we’d try something completely new.


We had no idea what we were walking into this time, which was a new experience for us. The whole restaurant was white and chic and sleek. I felt like we were walking into a scene from Gossip Girl or something; everyone that works there is really hot and really well dressed. The lounge by the front door looked really cool — very spacious and comfortable with a piano by the window and a long, well-stocked bar with all kinds of options. The kitchen was out in the open, with a glass case full of what looked like freshly caught fish on ice right up front. The dining room was bright and open, decorated with beautiful white chandeliers and plush tan booths. We were seated at a table for two by the front window which allowed us to enjoy our meal in the natural daylight.


The hostess at the front desk who took our coats was very attractive and very nice to us — all smiles and good vibes. The hostess who took us to our table, however, was stoic and seemed like she had twenty other places she would rather be. She wasn’t rude exactly, but it certainly was not the kind of welcome I was expecting from such a new, exciting, and centrally located place. Our waiter, on the other hand, was perfect. He was very polite and reserved (and also very attractive — seriously, there must be something in the water there or something), but was always around to check in on us, and our food was unbelievably prompt. We didn’t order any appetizers or first courses, and we ordered our entrees when he served us our wine. We had barely taken four sips of our glasses before our fish arrived. We were both pleasantly surprised.


Naturally, we both ordered fish. Gabby opted for a special of the night — a cod marinated in lemon juice and served with littleneck clams. I ordered the grilled swordfish which came with spicy peppers and was served over tomato puree. Gabby gobbled hers down in seconds, and she said the meat was flaky and flavorful with a perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture. My swordfish was expertly grilled, and the peppers and tomatoes complimented the flavor deliciously. For dessert, we opted for the warm chocolate torte which came with caramel flavored ice cream, a slab of painted milk chocolate and drizzled with powdered sugar and caramel sauce. The torte oozed thick warm chocolate when we cracked the top and the cold ice cream made for an excellent consistency. We couldn’t find anything to complain about during the meal. And when our waiter brought us the check, he also brought out a little dish of salted caramel truffles which were the cherry on top of an excellent meal.


We decided to go for simple glasses of white wine to go with our fish. Gabby ordered an Italian pinot grigio — two glasses at $10 each — and I ordered a French chardonnaey — two glasses at $15 each — and we were very happy. Gabby’s pinot was sweet and crisp and my chardonnay was buttery and had just the right amount of bite. The drinks list overall was pretty pricey which made our total bill skyrocket. But we think it was definitely worth it.


The goal of the night was to have an extra classy date night so the bill was almost $150 before tip. We’re definitely still adjusting to the fact that we can both drink now and the bill will always be higher  than we were used to. This is a place that you should consider for a very fancy night out where you’re prepared to spend most of your paycheck. Maybe dress to impress here on a second or third date, or bring your parents or friends here for a fantastic treat when they’re in town.

Overall Rating

We’d give Ostra a solid 10 out of 10. The food was great, the atmosphere was friendly, the restaurant itself was gorgeous, and the food was perfection. Our waiter was completely unfazed by the fact that the two of us were clearly dating, and as it got later, more and more young people showed up — further solidifying our love for this place. We will definitely be coming back the next time we’re in the mood to get our money’s worth on a fancy date night.

Ostra, One Charles St South


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