Margaritas on National Beer Day

Rattlesnake Photo

On my way home from class, I always walk by this same bar and grill on Boylston: Rattlesnake.  An intriguing name, for sure, and the large neon sign combined with the massive snake head, teeth bared and all, illuminated beneath the name always piqued my interest.  So the other day, after Megan had a particularly stressful day and neither of us were too keen on going to our four hour class, we decided to ditch class and go out to get dinner and drinks.  It was also national beer day, so of course we needed to celebrate!  We wanted somewhere new but still close to home, so we decided to try Rattlesnake!


The atmosphere always seemed really fun and upbeat on the weekends when I walked by, but Megan and I chose to go on a Monday evening around six.  So we weren’t expecting anything too exciting.  However, it was still a cool place.  We were seated at a round booth so that we could both see the front of the room and the bar (something I always appreciate – can’t beat that people watching!).  There weren’t many people there yet since it was still pretty early, but everyone seemed to be having a nice time.  It had a bar feel, but with more seating and tables in the back for dinner.  I could definitely imagine having a good night there on the weekends, but for that moment we were more concerned with the dinner aspect of Rattlesnake.


Our waitress was very attentive, but not too hover-y.  I was a little concerned about that being a problem since there weren’t many people there, but she left us alone, only coming over to ask if we were okay or wanted more drinks (which, of course, we did).  We weren’t too needy service-wise, so not much more to report, but we did like our server and we felt neither neglected nor bothered.


Here’s the kicker, guys: the food here was just awesome.  A big draw for us that night was that we wanted to go somewhere with a bar (like I said, it was a rough day), but what we got was a great drink menu and great food.  Megan ordered the chicken fajitas and I ordered the street beef tacos.  My plate consisted of three small beef tacos, stuffed with meat, guacamole, lettuce, sauce, and some other deliciousness that I didn’t take the time to note before I was consuming them!  They were so good, and just the perfect size – I don’t like to have too much food on my plate because, a) I feel wasteful if I don’t eat it all and, b) if I do eat it all, then I feel uncomfortably full for the rest of the night.  This portion size was smaller than usual but still substantial, and I felt no shame in eating every last bite.  As if that wasn’t awesome enough, we both agreed that Megan in fact won the ordering game.  Her chicken fajitas came still steaming in what looked like the very same pan that they were cooked in, peppers, onions, chicken and all.  Her plate also came with three or four tortillas, sour cream, salsa, and some cheese so that she could make her fajitas to her exact specifications.  She was not able to eat all of her food (there was a whole pan of it!), but even so she said it was delicious and that she would absolutely order it again.


Since drinking was definitely at the top of our To Do list that night, the alcoholic beverage options were very important to us.  I had two different kinds of beer on draught, which were both different in flavor but equal in yumminess.  Forgetting in her stressed and thirsty state that it was national beer day, on which you might typically drink beer, Megan ordered two traditional margaritas (not together, consecutively – although I wouldn’t have been surprised either way).  She said they were really good, which means a lot coming from Megan, who is beginning to become somewhat of a tequila connoisseur – she deigned to give me a taste at one point, and I would have to agree that they were quite delicious.


The price wasn’t too bad.  I’ve been to similar places that were cheaper, but the beer wasn’t overpriced and the margaritas were moderately priced.  Even so, the food was excellent and the drinks weren’t too shabby either – we would say that even though you may be shelling out a few extra bucks than your typical bar food, it’s well worth it if you’re wanting some awesome Mexican/South American food!

Overall Rating

We would give this a 9 out of 10!  It only missed the 10 out of 10 because we weren’t there on a hip-hopping Friday or Saturday night, and thus can’t really comment on how it would be with way more people there – but we can only assume that it would be just as great if not better!

Rattlesnake, 384 Boylston St, Boston


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