The Double Anniversary Special


After a (not so) brief hiatus for finals and graduation and a trip to London, we are back with a double restaurant special in honor of our anniversary. This past Friday marked two years that Gabby and I have been together so naturally we planned a fancy shindig. We didn’t go very far, but we certainly had an excellent night. For the first part of our night, we went to Post 390 for drinks and fancy cheese, then we went to the Beehive in the South End for dinner and a little live music.


Post 390 was pretty classy. It has a tavern-like bar downstairs with a couple of TVs for sports, wood-paneled walls, and a huge fireplace in the middle. The wait staff were all very nice and our fellow patrons were a healthy mix of older people out for dinner and after-work drinks, and people closer to our age enjoying the bar. It wasn’t the fanciest place we’ve been to, but it was fancy enough to have a cheese plate to go with our pre-dinner drinks, so we were happy.

The Beehive was much more casual. The wait staff had funky hairdos and no real uniforms, and the walls were decorated with multi-color wallpaper and abstract art. The bar upstairs was a little crowded and cramped, but once we got downstairs to our table near the band, it was much more open and fun.


Post 390’s service was adequate. Our server seemed much more concerned with the two tables next to us and the large party behind us than with us. He would frequently check up on them but bypass us altogether. He may have been a bit confused by our lack of interest in the dinner menu, opting instead for drinks and a few samples of the cheese plates, but we still expected some kind of attentive service. Overall, he brought us two drinks and our cheese and got us out the door in plenty of time for us to make our reservation at the Beehive so it could have been worse.

The Beehive’s wait staff was excellent. Our hostess was very nice and, although we had to wait a little longer than we expected, we ended up being given a table right in front of the live jazz band. Our waitress was adorable and had excellent recommendations for us for both the wine and the food. We were never searching for her but she didn’t rush us like we kind of expected her to, considering our prime spot by the band. We were impressed and would definitely recommend this place for good service.


The cheese at Post 390 was interesting. Gabby is the cheese connoisseur in our relationship, so I let her choose two of the seven choices on the menu to sample. She chose a Lake’s Edge goat cheese from Maine and a Champlain Cow cheese from Vermont. Both were delicious and served with a crunchy toast baked with cranberries. It was the perfect beginning to a perfect night.

The main course of the evening (see what I did there? punny!) was our meal at the Beehive. For an appetizer, we decided to try pierogies for the first time. Somehow, to the astonishment of most of our friends, we’ve never had the chance to try these cheesy little pastry bites of heaven before that night. Damn, were we missing out. They were perfectly baked biscuits stuffed with cheese and potatoes and we ate them faster than was probably advisable, but we couldn’t help ourselves. We will definitely be on the lookout for pierogies again on future menus.

For dinner, I went with a roasted chicken drizzled in black truffle oil and served with freshly sliced almonds. The meat literally fell off the bone and was perfectly moist and flavorful. The vegetables and the truffle sauce made it near-perfect. I wish I could have eaten twelve more. Gabby ordered a sea-bass-esque white fish for her entree and she said it was absolutely delicious. We both cleaned our plates in ten minutes flat. The meals were a healthy size too, which was a welcome change from the smaller portions of other fancier places we’ve been to, and needless to say we were stuffed.

But, as Gabby likes to tease, I can’t ever say no to chocolate cake so after a few minutes of enjoying the jazz and digesting a little, I ordered a chocolate fudge-like cake topped with sweet cream and a strawberry. I thought I was full to bursting after the chicken, but I apparently had enough room to finish most of that cake by myself. It was so decadent I couldn’t bring myself to leave even one bite on the plate. The Beehive won the night, without a doubt, and we will absolutely be going back and in the meantime, we can’t stop telling people about how fantastic it was.


At Post 390, Gabby and I indulged in a few cocktails with our cheese plate. She ordered a Hemingway, which was rum, lime, maraschino, and grapefruit. It was predictably sweet and a little tart – a good blend. I ordered a Rosalita, which was tequila, cocchi, and aperol. Mine smelled and tasted aggressively of orange, which was fine at first but got a little old before the end of the glass, but if orange is to your taste, you should definitely order this one. Before we left, because the description sounded so enticing, we ordered one “Another Joe” coffee-flavored cocktail to split. It was served with a crushed espresso bean rim and tasted perfectly of smooth coffee, with a hint of vodka. We recommend ordering this one first if you’re coming in for drinks.

At the Beehive, we took the waitress’ advice and ordered a bottle of dry Riesling from Germany to share. We haven’t been drinking wine for very long and have yet to refine our wine palates, so we asked for her advice.We told her we wanted something that we hadn’t tried before, but was white and dry. This Riesling was absolutely perfect. It was exactly what we wanted and we will most likely be ordering Riesling similar to this one again soon.


As I’ve said before, Post 390 was fancy, and the price reflected that. Our three drinks and two cheeses racked up a bill around $50, which was probably pricier than a normal pre-dinner soiree should run. But, to Post 390’s credit, we felt as though we paid for the quality of the food and drink rather than the atmosphere like other places we’ve frequented.

The Beehive was more relaxed and casual than Post 390, but is still classified in our book as a classy date night place. Our bill was expensive, but not outrageous, and in this case we were okay with paying for the atmosphere because the art and the service and the excellent live music were definitely worth it.

Overall Rating

Our night was a perfect way to celebrate our relationship and we definitely give it a 10 out of 10. Post 390 lacked the attentive service we wanted, but the quality of the food and drink made up for it. And we had nothing to complain about, even remotely, at the Beehive. Check out both of these places for your summer dates.

Post 390, 406 Stuart Street

The Beehive, 541 Tremont Street


Get ready for a lot more posts in the next few months, as Gabby and I will both be working nonstop and we use going out as a way to blow off steam and relax. Summer of Eating Out, here we come! Don’t forget to share/like our posts on Facebook and Twitter!


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