The Sophie’s Choice of Pork Chops


Since Summer started, Megan and I have both been having some cash flow problems.  Megan just graduated and I started a new internship, which has been a great experience but unfortunately doesn’t pay too well.  However, yesterday Megan got some awesome news and received a full-time, real-life job offer from Pearson.  We decided that no cash flow problem was too great that we shouldn’t celebrate, so we went out to Gaslight Brasserie.


Because it was such a nice day, we couldn’t bring ourselves to sit inside.  The outside patio was situated between a parking lot and a Boston Sports Club, which made for some interesting people watching.  It wasn’t as loud as I expected it to be and it was a beautiful day, so sitting outside was definitely the right call.


The service was definitely one of the many amazing parts of this restaurant.  My only complaint was that there was lipstick on my glass of water (presumably from a previous patron), but it was quickly replaced with a clean one.  Our waitress, Jess, was extremely pleasant and attentive.  I finished my drink and she immediately asked if I wanted another.  It seemed like she was always there when we needed her but wasn’t overbearing, and she was also engaging, funny, and patient when we were struggling with which delicious sounding things to order.  She was more than happy to repeat the specials when we forgot them and when we couldn’t decide on an appetizer she suggested the prosciutto (which ended up being $12, but it was so good that we didn’t mind).  We both agreed that she was very charming and also very cute, which did not go unnoticed.  We gave her an extra good tip because we liked her so much.


We struggled immensely with choosing what to order.  We ultimately decided not to order an appetizer because we wanted to have enough room for the delicious looking entrees and desserts, but Jess convinced us to order the prosciutto and it was a good recommendation.  I ate almost all of it myself!  The Berkshire pork chop on the menu looked delicious, but there was also a special pork chop that night which sounded great too.  Megan was faced with an impossible decision, which she lamented aloud to our waitress.  Jess’s response, without missing a beat, was “Yeah I know!  It’s the Sophie’s choice of pork chops!”  (Megan immediately identified that this was the perfect title for our post).  She ended up choosing the Berkshire pork chop, and claimed that it may have been the best pork chop she had ever had.  I struggled between the ravioli and the bar steak, but ultimately decided on the bar steak which was absolutely the right decision.  It had caramelized onions and a cream sauce and fries and it was just wonderful.  The dessert was a much easier decision; we ordered the chocolate beignets.  They were like tiny molten chocolate cakes dipped in melted vanilla ice cream.  We had absolutely no complaints whatsoever about the food (or anything really, for that matter).


We didn’t end up sampling anything off of the wine menu because we liked the sound of the cocktails so much.  They had an Old Cuban on the cocktail list which happens to be one of my favorites and is almost never on a regular cocktail menu.  I convinced Megan to try one and she loved it too, of course, so we decided to forego the wine and both ordered two Old Cubans.  They weren’t necessarily as good as my dad’s, but hey, they were pretty damn good.


It wasn’t cheap by any means, but it wasn’t the most expensive place we have been to either.  The total bill (with the tip) was almost $150.  But we both agreed that the evening was well worth the price.

Overall Rating

We give Gaslight a 10 out 10, easy.  The only slip up was the lipstick on my glass, and they were quick to correct the mistake.  We would absolutely recommend this place, and we will definitely be going back again.

560 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118


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