Food Friends: Spinach Dip, Anyone?


Hannah Montana said it best: Nobody’s Perfect.  And when it comes to Megan, her imperfections come in the form of her insane dislike of both sushi and spinach dip.  The real tragedy here is that I love both of those things, so when I got a hankering for my favorite spinach dip in all the land, which just so happens to be made at a place with lovely sushi offerings as well, I knew I would have to find a replacement dining partner.  Thankfully Maddie, who was also featured in a past sushi post, agreed to come with me to Hillstone.  Hillstone, previously known as Houston’s, is a chain restaurant that my family and I used to frequent in Chicago and has long reigned in my mind as the restaurant with the best spinach dip known to man.  However, as Maddie and I discovered, their excellence is not limited to spinach dip and sushi by any means.


As you walk into the restaurant you are greeted by a bustling bar with booths bathed in low lighting off in the distance.  The bar has a sporty, after-work hangout vibe with business men and women hanging out and grabbing some post workday drinks.  It was never too loud though, and the booths were nice and cozy.  Not necessarily the most intimate setting, but perfect for a drink or dinner out with friends.


The hostess was very polite and quick to seat us.  Our waitress was very nice and attentive.  She laughed at my jokes, which is always a plus, and was very cute so I was already a fan.  When I had come to this particular Hillstone previously with my parents, they not only carded me but they also took my out of state ID so that they could verify it in the back.  But this time neither Maddie or I were carded at all.  I assume this was because we were so near the bar and she assumed (correctly) that we too were enjoying post-work drinks, but I found it interesting that they weren’t necessarily consistent with this.  At the end of the day, there was certainly nothing to complain about in the service department.


As I said, the real draw for me is the spinach dip at Hillstone.  It’s, in a word, amazing.  They bring the spinach dip with sides of salsa and sour cream as well as tasty tortilla chips, so really everything a spinach dip-lover could want.


Maddie agreed that it was delicious as well.  We did look over the sushi menu which I have ordered from before and was quite happy with, but because Maddie and I were both starving at this point we decided to forego the sushi and go straight for the entrees.  I ordered the special that our waitress recommended, which was a white fish with creamy white sauce and baby shrimp.  It was quite good, and not too heavy which I liked.  Maddie got the chicken and was really pleased.  We both agreed that sometimes chicken can be boring, but she assured me that it was delicious.  She let me have one bite, begrudgingly, and finished the whole thing.


The first thing I ordered was a Sam Adams Brick Red.  I am a fan of this particular beer, especially since it is only available on tap, and I was under the impression that we were not necessarily going all out with drinks.  Maddie, however, had other plans.  She ordered a French 75, which consists of gin, champagne, and lemon juice.  Maddie is a gin lover whereas I am not normally a fan, but she liked it so much that she convinced me to try a taste.  Not only did I agree that it was, in fact, delicious, but so much so that we ordered another to share!  It was honestly one of the best cocktails that I have had in Boston, which is not only impressive in itself but coming from someone who does not ordinarily drink gin, I would definitely recommend the French 75 to anyone.


The cocktails were pricey, around $11 each, but not unexpectedly so and the food was very reasonably priced.  We both probably paid around $40-$50 each for the entire meal.  Not exactly cheap, but for a place with delicious food, yummy drinks, and the best spinach dip ever, I’d say it wasn’t all that bad.


If you’re looking for a place to go out with friends or coworkers, or even your family or significant other, that is still nice but won’t require you to blow your whole paycheck then this place is a good bet.  We give it a 10 out of 10.  The atmosphere is relaxed, the servers are friendly and helpful, and the food and drinks can’t be beat!

60 State St, Boston


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