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Food Friends: Spinach Dip, Anyone?

Hannah Montana said it best: Nobody’s Perfect.  And when it comes to Megan, her imperfections come in the form of her insane dislike of both sushi and spinach dip.  The real tragedy here is that I love both of those things, so when I got a hankering for my favorite spinach dip in all the […]

Impromptu North End Venture

Megan’s got a real person job and I have an internship that requires that I rise before dawn and with this frenzy of adulthood going on, Megan and I haven’t had a lot of time or energy (or money) to go out as often as we used to.  So when we went shopping the other […]

The Sophie’s Choice of Pork Chops

Since Summer started, Megan and I have both been having some cash flow problems.  Megan just graduated and I started a new internship, which has been a great experience but unfortunately doesn’t pay too well.  However, yesterday Megan got some awesome news and received a full-time, real-life job offer from Pearson.  We decided that no cash […]

Margaritas on National Beer Day

On my way home from class, I always walk by this same bar and grill on Boylston: Rattlesnake.  An intriguing name, for sure, and the large neon sign combined with the massive snake head, teeth bared and all, illuminated beneath the name always piqued my interest.  So the other day, after Megan had a particularly stressful […]

Food Friends: The Snappiest Sushi

You may all be surprised to discover that Megan and I do not always overlap when it comes to our food preferences.  The other day, I was trolling my newest app obsession, Gilt (actually Gilt City, if you wanna get technical), and I discovered that Snappy Sushi on Newbury Street was having a special.  If […]

Tavern Eats

Megan and I went on spring break together to visit her family in California (yes we went to Disneyland – it was awesome), and when we got home after a week of sunshine and all things Disney we were greeted by snow and 50mph winds.  Ew.  So, we decided to cheer ourselves up by taking […]

Giacomo’s Delicious Ravioli

My buddy Francis from high school has recently moved to Newburyport, so he texted me and asked if we could hangout and get dinner (he also had an interest on being a “guest” on our blog – here you go, Francis!).  I said yes, of course, and since he hadn’t met Megan yet we all […]