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Don’t Judge A Beagle By Its Name

On Harvard Ave, close to the Coolidge Corner movie theater, tucked next to a Gap and a lawyer’s office, is a restaurant called The Regal Beagle. I was intrigued by this name every time my roommates and I wandered up Harvard Ave in search of late night, post-GoT watching ice cream, and I’ve always wanted […]

Fancy Date Because Full-Time Employed

Drumroll please! I got a job! Two months out of college and I am a full-time, real-life adult employee! Which of course means that we had to go out and celebrate by stuffing our faces with ridiculously delicious, slightly overpriced food. A quick OpenTable search brought us to a little hideaway gem on Stuart Street […]

The Sophie’s Choice of Pork Chops

Since Summer started, Megan and I have both been having some cash flow problems.  Megan just graduated and I started a new internship, which has been a great experience but unfortunately doesn’t pay too well.  However, yesterday Megan got some awesome news and received a full-time, real-life job offer from Pearson.  We decided that no cash […]

The Double Anniversary Special

After a (not so) brief hiatus for finals and graduation and a trip to London, we are back with a double restaurant special in honor of our anniversary. This past Friday marked two years that Gabby and I have been together so naturally we planned a fancy shindig. We didn’t go very far, but we […]

Supah Fancy Seafood

This week, Gabby and I had a lot of midterm projects and meetings and extra work shifts so we wanted to give ourselves a much deserved night off at a fancy new restaurant. Gabby did a little research and found a new seafood place right around the corner from our campus called Ostra. We almost […]

Tavern Eats

Megan and I went on spring break together to visit her family in California (yes we went to Disneyland – it was awesome), and when we got home after a week of sunshine and all things Disney we were greeted by snow and 50mph winds.  Ew.  So, we decided to cheer ourselves up by taking […]

Megan’s 21st Birthday: Hot Waitresses And Even Hotter Food

The day finally arrived! I turned twenty-one on Friday! To celebrate, Gabby and I decided to try Lolita, the Mexican cocina and tequila bar on Dartmouth near Copley Square. I was eager to have an exciting first drink and we heard that Lolita had great Mexican food which is something I’ve been missing since I […]